Juancheng Chang Shun Fa Art&Crafts Co., Ltd


CSFhair seeks to be a world′s leading manufacturing company supplies exclusive, quality hair extensions including Clip in hair extension, Tape in hair extension, Keratin tip hair extension and Hair weaves. Through exceptional service, profession and creativity, we strive to be become the important OEM service partner for clients worldwide. We are deeply dedicated to serving our employees, clients and brand partners alike.


Founded in 2005, CSFhair was started by Mr Qiao Shao Feng and his wife Mrs Cao LAN Mei when they decided to manufacture hair extensions instead of supplying the raw hair material to hair factories. As 10 years experience specialists of raw hair material, Qiao and Cao had a natural ambition for have a manufacturing company.

Beginning of 20 workers, they produce the hair extensions for some trading companies in China. With their hard working, manufacturing concentration and innovation, the factory grew and flourish year and year with the trading company partners together.


Today, more than a decade later, CSFhair is one of the most fast growing hair extensions manufacturer in China, With 12, 000 workshop, more than 200 employees and 13, 000, 000 USD annual sales.

We are supplying hair extensions OEM service to more and more well-known brand companies in America, England, Italy and Australia.
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